For more than 30 years in healthcare with ISO certification.

Managing director: Schmidt Ottó
A MEDITEST KFT. It was founded in 1989. Its professional predecessor is the Department of Medical Technology and Innovation of Semmelweis University of Medicine, as well as the MEDICOR Chief Quality Assurance Engineer. The activities of these institutions provided the basis for the appropriate professional training, the organization and operation of which is linked to the name of the director of the company. During our two decades of operation, it has been proven that the well-thought-out choice of professional goals ensures the long-term viability of the company. Our company has a MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2009 quality assurance certificate. Egy kép a tanusítványról
The Company's core business is divided into two segments: Egy kép a cégről
Safety and application testing of medical devices and equipment, based on the appointment of the Ministry of Health. Developed and patented with Semmelweis University of Medicine, it is a further development and manufacture of an automatic microwave tissue processing equipment that greatly shortens the work and makes it significantly more economical and economical. It is clear from the operational structure of our company that the two main activities mentioned above are definitely separated from each other, as the management system of our company is built on independent operation. Our company is technically constantly adapting to the needs, we update our testing equipment year by year, which allow for the professional testing of state-of-the-art equipment to the latest standards. In development and production, we also take into account the needs in the field of healthcare, especially in terms of pathology, where we are increasingly trying to develop and manufacture equipment that is significantly more economical than before and meets environmental standards. Egy kép a cég épületéről